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OECI - Organization of European Cancer Institutes



The Organization of European Cancer Institutes(OECI) is a foundation non-governmental, non-profit organization, established in 1979 in Vienna, now it has its headquarters in Brussels; it unites 68 institutions of care and cancer research, including the National Cancer Institute - IRCCS "FondazioneG.Pascale".
The OECI mission is to bring together the cancer research and care institutions of the EU in order to create a critical mass of expertise and competence with the view of building and maintaining a consensus on the best models of oncology, developing concrete affordable and realistic solutions to effectively combat cancer, and fostering the widest deployment of oncology models and solutions to improve the quality of life for the patients in the EU.
The OECI launched the Accreditation Programin 2002 to fulfill its goals:

  • to provide cancer patients¬† within Europe an equal access to high quality cancer care
  • to help European cancer institutes to implement a quality system for oncology care using the OECI standards and peer review system.

In Italy, the European project OECI is supported by the AlleanzaControilCancro (ACC), a non-profit association established in 2002 by the Ministry of Health, with the aim of implementing and managing a network of information and collaboration among IRCCS of public and private law to address and/or interest in oncology. Among the founding members there is the IRCCS "FondazioneG.Pascale".



Wim H. van Harten
President OECI


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